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In this article I used to be thinking that at last they showed a bit spine. On a constructive note nevertheless, the source statements he did it due to the fact he was repulsed because of the heading distinct movie and required the authorities to know what is going on in this organisation, and seemingly, based on the newspaper that interviewed him, lots of Swedes is currently much more knowledgeable and in disgust of your organisation just by looking at the Motion picture. So let down although… Absolutely free Minds, Free of charge Hearts

Tony, your posting these days raises extra thoughts in my head about John and Greta as well as their involvement and contribution to the Church of Scientology right now. Your details these days dates back to the early 1990’s pertaining to their involvement over the “Bridge”

You both Receive the humor or you don’t.. I'm like you..I just laughed my ass off..bawwwwwwhahhahahahahha

We didn’t get an opportunity to contain photos within our ebook, The Unbreakable Overlook Wonderful, so we’re putting up them in the Underground Bunker. We’ve designed a dedicated webpage for them, and we hope you undergo all of them, then come back listed here and convey to us your ideas!

Beth, I love your comment! I are convinced defending the general public is exactly what Many people never ever-ins try to carry out every day.

Although the anticipations are for them for being OT at their task and it’s explained to to them over and over. Several years in the past it used to be Crystal clear. It’s been employed on community also check here being a way to get anything out of these.

You’re proper, and I comprehend your point Tony. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it's an excellent point for an influential College like this to take a stand driving what it publishes? Would that automatically be a nasty issue for it to carry out? Or is this a lot more of that “political correctness” I maintain hearing about?

It’s most likely much better you didn’t know, due to the fact should you’d explained a thing, he may have disconnected from you. Mymy88

No, I do think That is only a blind fool who's so drunk to the kool-aid he thinks a couple of cats are SP’s. Or could it be SC’s – Suppressive Cats

If the Vatican calls the Irish referendum a disaster for humanity, the things they are definitely lamenting is usually a lack of Vatican impact. If absolutely nothing else, leaving scientology teaches you to definitely call a spade a spade.

They need you to act offended, then they will dismiss whatever you say as coming from another offended individual. Needless to say, they stimulated that anger to begin with, and they want you to Engage in their sport.

Many of us footie supporters don’t treatment why they’ve gone after them, we’re just joyful they've got. But we’d are even happier to view Blatter dragged outside of his lodge area in handcuffs.

I’m assuming this means they also all know about the SP handling coverage – crush, kill, ruin and everything – an extremely shocking plan for an organisation supposedly dedicated to spiritual enlightenment.

Fraud, bungs, corruption. It’s heartening to determine an authority sink its teeth into a thing so massive. FIFA is unquestionably larger than Scientology. Irrespective of whether it’s richer, I don’t know, but a lot of items it really is currently being collared for now are things that, I believe, is also thrown at Scientology.

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